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Guest Post I Am Ella. Buy Me. Tour


Guest Post

Meet Ella. And her bad boys.

In my first novel, I am Ella. Buy me, Ella works for a bad boss and falls for a bad boy. Been there, done that, got the nervous tick to prove it.

Her boss, Peter is a chauvinist pig and proud of it. Well it was the 80s. We’ve all met his ilk. You probably handled them better than I did. Hopefully, you didn’t handle them at all.

One charmer actually had the front to ask me: I’ve never had you, have I?

It was the worrying level of uncertainty that got me. Obviously, I was just one in a long line of blonde copywriters and he was too befuddled to tell us apart. Very flattering. Oh and for the record, the answer was a very definite, No.

As for the bad boy in Ella’s life, she falls for rising singing star, Tom. Like all cads, he homes in when she’s at her lowest ebb. It’s no plot-spoiler to say Peter fires her the first chance he gets. Enter Tom, the man who refers to himself in the third person but always puts himself first.

They may be reluctant to admit it but most women I know have had at least one Tom in their life. These men are experts in gaining our trust. They play the nice guy for just long enough to convince us they are the real deal and get us hooked. Then, the minute our backs are turned, they’re getting it on with their next victim. Close encounters with callow youths are often an exciting but disturbing rite of passage. Like all toxic substances, these boys are highly addictive. Cold turkey is the only way to go. Step away from the phone.

Meet Ella. You’ll like her. In some ways she’s just like you.

About The Book

cover-4-1Title: I am Ella. Buy me.

Author: Joan Ellis

Genre: Humor / Chick lit / Romance


‘I am a ginger tom. I am a boy racer. I am a housewife. I am a pain in the arse.’

Ella David is Bridget Jones meets Peggy from Mad Men.

Working in Soho’s mad, bad Adland in the sexist 80s, Ella is a rare beast – a woman in a man’s world, dodging her sleazy boss, Peter.

Based on Joan’s experiences in Soho’s mad, bad Adland, this fast-paced, funny tale is set against a backdrop of Thatcher’s Britain when money trumps morals
and lust is a must. Thankfully, Ella knows love is more powerful but can two unlikely friendships help her go from a girl in the firing line to a woman calling the shots?

Author Bio

JOAN ELLIS 1PBAward-winning advertising copywriter, comedy writer, performer, lecturer – Joan Ellis has been them all. With a full-time job in a top London advertising agency and a new baby, she did what any right-minded woman would’ve done and set up a comedy club. She even appeared on the same bill as Jo Brand. Once.

A career highlight was casting a black and white moggie as Humphrey Bogart for her award-winning cat food commercial. Other great performers who brought her words to life include Penelope Keith and Harry Enfield.

As a lecturer, Joan taught comedian Noel Fielding all he knows about advertising before encouraging him to showcase his talents on a wider stage.

Working for The Press Association, she tutored Wordsworth’s
great-grandson in the art of copywriting: Buy a host of golden daffodils and get a blue one, free!
She was a lecturer in PR and Advertising at Bournemouth University.

She penned a regular column about her daughter for parenting glossy, Junior. Sophie is now eighteen and refuses to read a word her mother writes.

Suffering from swine flu and sweating like a pig, she moved from London to her beloved Isle of Wight where she writes and eats cream teas with her long-suffering husband, daughter and cat.

She recently launched her books at The Ventnor Fringe and the Isle of Wight Literary Festival.




Guest Post Finding Amy Tour


I’m hosting a guest post today for the Finding Amy tour. Finding Amy is a romantic suspense novel written by author Carol Braswell. I’ll leave the stage to Carol now.

The Journey of Finding Amy by Carol Braswell, Author

When I got the idea from our local news paper for “Finding Amy” I started writing this thrilling suspense about a gorgeous Texas Ranger and a beautiful woman with long auburn hair and clear, emerald green eyes. The story came easily until I sent them fishing, skiing and just having fun in Montana. Then I thought, “Wait a minute. He’s a Texas Ranger on assignment and he’s taking the time to entertain the twins and a four-year-old.” I deleted 20,000 words and wrote it again.

I knew I had to have an awesome cover and couldn’t find any stock photos I liked. My cousin, Danny, posted a picture of a young lady, Courtney Bridges, and I knew instantly she was Amy. When I told him I needed a Texas Ranger he sent several pictures of great looking guys, but none of them quite fit. He called me one day and said, “You know we have the perfect ranger in our family.” Lights went off in my head. The very handsome Dustin Tallent, my second cousin, became Carson Garrett, Texas Ranger.

I have the perfect setting, the perfect characters, and my niece, Christy sent me to Elizabeth Noe Photography who took the pictures. So I had Liz, Danny, and Christy taking pictures and ended up with over 300 pictures for me to choose from. That was a job in its self.

My great friend and fellow author Barbara Ivie Green spent the best part of a day with me designing the cover. It never looked perfect for me until Barbara suggested a winter scene in the background since half of the book takes place in snowy Wyoming. That’s what it needed and the awesome cover was born.

Now I had to find the perfect editor. Up pops Wendy Ely and she has done an outstanding job for a reasonable price.

Bottom line, first you have to write a great book. That is the most important. Find a wonderful editor, as many beta readers as you can, get a talented cover designer, and an editor within your budget. You think your set. Not quite. Even after the edits, after the proof of the cover, after the reviews, I read the story again. I want it perfect for the readers.

Finding Amy

Finding Amy winterTitle: Finding Amy

Author: Carol Braswell

Genre: Romantic Suspense

What begins in Montana as routine for Texas Ranger Carson Garrett, quickly turns into a ‘run for your life’ chase in order to protect the two women and child he is returning to Texas.

How far would you go to protect the ones you love?

                When Texas Ranger, Carson Garrett is assigned to locate and place in protective custody the wife of a man suspected of illegal activities with a Columbian drug lord, it turns into more than routine. The estranged husband has put out a hit on his wife and the only person who knows where she is hiding is her twin sister, Amy Summers.

Protecting the sister she loves may be the thing that destroys her…

                It is a race against time for Carson to find Amy, convenience her of the imminent danger and get her to lead him to Jamie so he can escort both women and Jamie’s four-year-old child back to Texas.

Even if they make it can love on the run survive?

                Besides the obvious problems of running from a man who is trying to kill them, Carson and Amy have an instant attraction to each other and it is clouding his usual sharp judgment and causing them both to make costly mistakes.

A determined hitman, a diabolical plan. There is only one way to stop them both…

Author Bio

I love to write. I love to put characters in situations that seems impossible to get out of. Almost. Then, out of the blue, along comes that sexy, breathtakingly, handsome hero who can and will save the day. Sometimes, (I like this part), it’s the heroine who steps up and saves the day. I love to write. Did I mention that? Anyway, I love mystery, suspense and the forever kind of love. When someone asks me, “what do you write?” I can’t say romance. It’s not that simple. I want action, adventure, suspense with caring, loving, sexy, characters that seem to find trouble wherever they go.
I am married to my real life sexy hero who finds my imagination intriguing, but refuses to read my books. Thank God. Our, live-at-home children greet us at the door with tongues hanging and tails wagging. They travel with us when we vacation and get depressed when we have to leave them. We have four grown children who live close enough for us to see often.
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Finding Amy    

Author Carol Braswell
www.carolbraswell.com    twitter @AuthorCarolB