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Book Excerpt from Hot Spring


We’re hosting an excerpt from comedy novel “Hot Spring” today. “Hot Spring” is going on tour from April 16th to April 30th.

This tour is sponsored by Enchanted Book Promotions.

The author is also giving away eBook copies of the book to five lucky winners. Scroll down to the end of the post to figure out how to participate.

Book Excerpt

Chucky’s first meeting with Godfrey

Although Gawd had white hair, it was somewhat wild in arrangement and lacking in youthful charm. His face was round with numerous wrinkles, a stumpy nose and an aged beard. His pupils, however, were pitch-black. Gawd’s large size was also mostly due to his large belly. He wore nothing except for a large white cloth that was wrapped around his waist.

The cherubs lowered the trumpets, and I thought they were going to call my name. Instead, they announced: “Before we begin, our kind Great Greatness will give a song.”

Gawd, the large man with white hair, cleared his throat, placed his arms on his wide hips, and sang his own song:


“ I am the one,

The very great one.

The greatest one,

The very greatest one.

For there is no one just like me,

No one can really equal to me.

 I am Gawd,

The very great Gawd.

The greatest Gawd,

The very greatest Gawd.

So since y’all are inferior to me,

You should just smile and bow to me.

I am power,

The very great power…”


Gawd’s dramatic song was interrupted by loud footsteps. I turned around to discover a large group of men marching in. They were all dressed in blood red and carried those black metal objects with tube-like protrusions. Leading this group were two men: the blue-robed man called Thomas and a red-robed youth that I had never met before.

This group marched right up to the front of the dais, and I was just a few paces away from their young leader.  Gawd looked frustrated. The young man stared hard at Gawd. He had hair as white as wool, and his face glowed brilliantly like the sun. He held an unsheathed double-edged blade in his right hand and a large silver shield in the other.  This man had a prominent nose and could be described as rather pleasant to look at.

In a firm voice the red youth spoke, “Father, I am afraid I have something to remind you about.”

“What is it that you have to babble about? Can’t you see I’m singing a song here?”

“Father, don’t you think it’s time for you to hand over the command of the Treasury and the Imperial army to me?

“To you? A young whelp like you?  Hah! That’s a new one.”

Gawd started bawling in laughter on the dais, much to the displeasure of the young man. The young man’s pupils turned red and his sword burst forth into flames.

“Father, are you trying to cover up the fact that you’re a wholly inept ruler, an old man hoarding power instead of passing it on to the young and deserving? Haven’t you realized that our empire is better off in my hands?

Gawd’s nostrils flared. “Do you have the slightest inkling of what you are saying? What do you mean inept? I’ve been running this place for millennia! Everyone loves me! Stop these malicious lies of yours.”

“Face it old man, you’re so preoccupied with your song-singing and nude paintings that you’re completely out of touch with the affairs of the realm. You’re senile, indecisive and often drunk.  All you do is live in luxury and expect us to lead unfulfilling lives as your servants.”

The young man pointed his flaming sword high above his head as he spoke, and the red-robed men cheered loudly for him. Many of the assembly representatives joined in the cheering.

“I, Prince Yesus of the Western Paradise, will take my rightful place as heir to the throne and the leader of my people. When I sacrificed myself at the hands of the corrupt Romans I pledged to destroy evil across the realms. I will enlarge our promised land, and with this sword of mine I will purge the heathen that roam about insulting our name.  I will smite all pagans with my holy shield.  I will bring total justice to all in heaven. He or she who does not believe in me is against me, and they will burn and suffer in hell. Unlike my father who lives a life of self-indulgence, I will unify the heavens and bring resounding glory to all those who believe in me. The divine realm will be filled with institutions of high learning, and Professor Thomas will ensure that all souls will be of one mind, reciting the one name. That one name will be Yesus, for it is I who will forge a new eternity, and only I who will bring about change.  Out of my kindness, father, I offer you a deal. You can hand over the control of the treasury and after I win the war you will get a share of the spoils. Otherwise you’ll have to be content staying in a facility for old souls.”

Gawd shouted back in defense, “That’s angel droppings!”

About Hot Spring

god-chuck-ebook-cover-webuse-smlThe Wonderful Adventures of Godfrey and Chucky

Godfrey is young, wealthy and able-bodied. He has all the women you can imagine, and unbelievably deep pockets. But Godfrey wants more. His Great Greatness wants to rid the world of a menacing scourge, and restore what is truly superior to an elevated position. Why would anyone stop him? Who could possibly stop him?

Chucky arrives as the new assistant, and tries to perform every duty that is handed to him. What challenges for a dull servant! Look at him muddling through! With passports of exclusive privilege, the two adventurers make a splash in tropical Langkawi, where the water is blue and the girls are brown. Then they rendezvous with the locals in Singapore, where pleasures are plentiful and multicolored. Food and money are found in piles. Life in a global city should be, possibly, one of uninterrupted leisure…shouldn’t it?

Desire is a seductively red piece of jade, which resides even in our dreams.

“I am a healthy, strong and sexy male with a life, most of it sex life.” – Godfrey Mann

“I did not know how to reply, since the words were difficult to speak.” – Chucky


Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17227290-the-wonderful-adventures-of-godfrey-and-chucky

Author Website: http://www.godfreychucky.com/

Buy from Kobo: http://www.kobobooks.com/ebook/The-Wonderful-Adventures-Godfrey-Chucky/book-NQYQUKGIbUGq0zRHM-Jvag/page1.html?s=zqrnKeiLgkq5BRmcoIuP3A&r=1

Author Bio

I committed myself to writing playful and profound books for discerning readers of good taste. I hope to give to my readers delightful characters in moving scenes that will help all of us to appreciate life better.

I have lived in parts of Asia, USA and Europe, so I hope to combine these diverse experiences to craft some great literature.


If you can give an answer to one of the three questions below, you’ll be entered into a raffle for one of five eBook copies of Hot Spring. Please mail your replies to ddaiichi@gmail.com and put ‘Enchanted Book Promotions’ in your subject line.

If you can’t find your answer in the excerpt here, check out the other excerpts featured during the tour for an answer.

Godfrey and Chucky giveaway quiz
1. Chucky is Godfrey’s

  • a. Golf buddy
  • b. Temporary servant
  • c. Love interest
  • d. Page boy

2. What is Godfrey’s other name?

  • a. Godly
  • b. Goodness
  • c. Gawd
  • d. Godzilla

3. Where do Godfrey and Chucky stay in Singapore?

  • a. A Bed and Breakfast Inn called Geylang Eggs
  • b. A modern business hotel called Quickie Profits
  • c. A colonial style luxury hotel called the Raffles Hotel
  • d. A Chinese-themed luxury hotel called the Red Jade Palace Hotel