Book Tours: Book Excerpt from Troubled Spirit


Book Excerpt

It was dark—the kind of dark that presses in around you, suffocating you. Annie felt her

heart do a sort of flip-flop and she wished once again that she hadn’t come. But this time it was because, sitting here in the darkness, she couldn’t help but wonder if she’d been wrong all along. What if ghosts were real?

“Hello.” Annie jumped as Mike’s voice shattered the silence. “Is there anyone here who wants to speak with us?” he asked. “Did anyone die here?”

The temperature dropped. The room was silent.

“Would you like to give us a message?” Mike called again.

An icy chill wrapped itself around Annie. She felt someone—or something—standing behind her. The hairs on the back of her neck prickled as she reached out into the darkness until she found Harmony’s wrist. She gave it a tight squeeze. The Caldwell School was haunted. And this ghost was real. But it was not friendly and it did not want them there. Annie wasn’t sure how she knew, but she was certain she was right. They had to get out of there. Now!

But Harmony simply patted her hand, then called out, “We want to help you. Please tell us what you want.”

A guttural voice boomed “Get! Out!”

Callie screamed as the door burst open. In the light that filtered in from the streetlamp outside, Annie could see her clutching Mike’s arm.

“Well, then.” Harmony stood slowly, brushing the dust off her jeans. “I guess that means it’s time for us to leave.” She started toward the door.

Annie leapt up and raced past her friends. Her foot caught on the leg of a desk. She stumbled forward, grabbing another desk to keep from crashing to the floor, then dashed out the door, not stopping until she was directly under the streetlamp. Only then did she dare turn to look behind her.

About The Book

troubledspiritscoverTitle: Troubled Spirits

Author: Teri Lee

Genre: YA Paranormal

Ghosts aren’t real.

That’s what Annie Waters believed before she snuck into the abandoned Caldwell School. Before the dark presence followed her home. Before she realized, her only hope was to believe.


Author Bio

authorteriGrowing up in Maine, Teri Lee spent most of her time reading and exploring in the woods. And that hasn’t changed. When she’s not writing, you’ll still find her lost in a book or out hiking. And if she’s not there, try the ER. But don’t worry, she’s the nurse, not the patient. Teri has three grown children and still resides in Maine with her husband.






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