Book Excerpt Earth Cell: The Ux-Blood Trilogy (Book One)


We love science-fiction, so of course we wanted to host “Earth Cell”, the first book in the Ux-Blood Trilogy by author Charles Brass.

We hope you enjoy the excerpt as much as we did!

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I paused long enough to swallow a mouthful of water through my suddenly dry throat. This is going to be the most painful moment of your life, I thought. Brace yourself. Don’t stop.

Another thought crossed my mind. All in.

I pinched the base of the claw in the fingers of my right hand. With my left, I curled my bottom lip out and down. The pain sent paralyzing shocks through my body. I screamed. After a few breaths, the pain relented somewhat and I could move my right arm. I positioned the claw’s tip against the right knot after several shaky efforts. I clenched my teeth, closed my eyes, then pulled the claw through the inside of my lip.

When I regained consciousness, I reached down with trembling fingers, picked up the claw. The insect cloud around my bloody clothing seemed denser. I felt bugs walking across my face, along my lips. I cried out again when I curled my lip. The pain was just as fierce. I took me a lot longer to position the claw’s tip. My fingers trembled so hard that I took out a hunk of my gum in the process, but I barely felt the pain.

When I woke again, I sobbed and reached for the claw. I must have thrashed, because water now soaked my bloody clothing. While a good number of bugs lay motionless or struggling in the wetness, even more swarmed about my head. I switched hands, holding my lip with my right this time while I bounced the tip against my lip trying to get it into position.

I spat vomit from my mouth when I recovered a fourth time. The remnants of my lunch mixed with the blood pattering from my lip. A lot of blood covered the bile, which meant I’d been out for some time. Crawling insects had joined the bug swarm, gathering at the edges of my vomit. Hands trembling ever harder now, I grabbed the claw, pulled out my lip. I gave up on the hope I might be numbed to the pain after a while.

Regaining consciousness, spitting insects from my mouth, I reached for the claw again…

And again…

Earth Cell

Earth_Cell_cover_frontTitle: Earth Cell: The Ux-Blood Trillogy (Book One)

Author: Charles Brass

Genre: Science Fiction

For centuries, the League of Cells and the Witches Guild have worked together to maintain order and stability across the overweb’s countless worlds.

Walking the pash of a warden for the League of Cells requires dedication, sacrifice, and devotion, as young Maels Raptori, the last of his kind, has learned. But he’s embraced these hardships, for serving as a warden represents the highest honor one might achieve in his lifetime. For six years under the tutelage of his adopted father and the wardens of Earth Cell, he has prepared to fulfill this dream.

When a powerful intruder nearly seizes control of Earth Cell, Maels is tested beyond anything he has experienced. He finds the strength to defeat the invader, but his trials have only begun. Chaos is spreading across the overweb, engulfing all who stand in its way. The conflict soon breaches Earth Cell. Alone on a world of violence, at the mercy of ruthless captors, Maels discovers his years of dedication and devotion may not be enough. To save Earth, he may be called upon to male the ultimate sacrifice…

Author Bio

03-4x5-300dpi-ColorCharles Brass works as a CT/MRI technologist in a new stand-alone 24-hour emergency clinic in a small town south of where he lives, some thirty miles west of Minnesota’s Twin Cities. During his six years of active duty service in the United States Navy, he served five months in Bahrain during the first Gulf War. Now, with a BS in Animation under his belt, he has visions of a successful patient education video business filling his days while CT and MRI scans on sick and injured people visiting the local Emergency Center fills his nights.

For more information, visit his blog at or his Author Information page at http://clear­ Additionally, he can be reached via email at

Charles plans to devote time to a few shorter works that have been brewing in his brain juices for some time, then resume writing novels. He expects to publish his next novel by the end of 2015.


This book is available in softcover and Kindle formats at




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