Book Excerpt from Harm


We are hosting an excerpt from YA dystopian thriller “Harm”. We hope you enjoy the excerpt!

Book Excerpt

There was a commotion going on up ahead. It started out as a low murmur but the sound soon grew louder as it went viral, darting from lip to lip, spreading the panic until it reached its peak and burst forth in one coherent word.


Niko immediately made a grab for her knife. The blade wasn’t long enough though, not if she wanted to fend off a Slither and remained unscathed.

The crowd finally began to reach them. They were going to get slaughtered.

“Whatever you do,” Niko warned. “Don’t—”

Songhay and Roosevelt were already gone. She spotted them halfway across the street. She sighed then, disregarding her own advice, dashed after them. She could hear the hiss of several Slithers mixed with the screams of the terrified and dying. She didn’t dare look back.

She caught up to them easily. Spotting the yawning mouth of an alley she pointed. “Over here!”

Songhay grunted and abruptly changed direction. Roosevelt stumbled between them and suddenly, within the madness all around them, the picture grew clear.

“You can kill Slithers.” She said breathlessly shocked that she took so long to notice.

In the middle of the dead-end alley Songhay looked at her as if she was a fool. Roosevelt’s eyes seemed to take up her entire face, a braid had become unraveled and the strands blew about. “No one can kill Slithers.”

Niko shifted and something crunched beneath her boots. It was probably the bones of someone being consumed by the muck. “I can.”

“Gods.” Roosevelt gasped but she wasn’t looking at Niko. Her gaze was directed over her shoulder, beyond the mouth of the alley.

Niko turned around.

Out in the streets walked a Slither. It walked casually, there was nothing it had to fear in the slums. Under one arm it carried a severed human torso, the poor man’s arms dangled toward the ground while the Slither used its other hand to root through the open cavity like it was a bloody goody bag. Finally finding what it was searching for it pulled out a slippery organ and stuffed it into its mouth.

The thing took in its surroundings, dead white skin covered with all manner of gore. It dropped its macabre goody bag and the acid quickly began to nibble at the dead body.

It loped over to a two story house. It’s blood drenched claws shredded through the wall of the house and it buckled, upper story crashing into its neighbor and she could here the screams of those inside.

Roosevelt gasped. It was such a soft sound but the Slither looked toward the noise as if it’d been as loud as gunshot. It stared at them with multi-colored eyes, its hands parting the walls like a curtain. Then it turned away. They were only so much meat.

About Harm


Author: Kayti Nika Raet

Genre: YA Dystopian Thriller

After a harrowing escape from Amaryllis City, Niko is forced to lay low. The people who want to use her unique genetics for their own ends are still out there and their reach is long.

After an emotional split with Ben and hiding deep in the slums she soon meets Songhay, a charismatic thief and his younger sister Roosevelt. Together they dodge violent gangs, roaming Slithers and the ever present threat of acid rain. Growing closer Niko along with Songhay soon form a rag-tag band of Slither hunters to keep the slums safe and the monsters at bay.

But then she discovers shocking information about her past that challenges everything she thought to be true about herself and those she loves.

Now she has to decide if she’d going to stay safe in hiding or stand up to the lies and injustice swarming around her.

She was never one to lie low for long.

Lies and truth collide in the second book of the Outsider Chronicles.

Author Bio

DSCN5944Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Kayti Nika Raet moved down South when she was 11 where she was bit by the writing bug as well as other less friendly insects. She the author of the YA dystopia, NIKO, as well as it’s upcoming sequel, HARM, and  the short stories SLITHER and TAPE THE DEVIL’S MOUTH.

Her procrastination aids are reading, K-pop, and photography.
Kayti lives in Milledgeville, Georgia. Visit her online at http://KNRwrites.,, on Facebook, Youtube (Kayti Edition), or email her at KNRwrites(at)gmail(dot)com.


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