Book Review Matt Monroe and The Secret Society

16143802Title: Matt Monroe and The Secret Society

Author:  Edward Torba

Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy / Mystery

Purchase: Amazon

Matt Monroe and The Secret Society is the first book in a series about a fourteen-year-old boy and his friends. In this first installment, Matt puts aside his fears as he travels to a same-time dimension to fulfill a prophecy. The saga begins when Matt finds a set of mysterious wooden tablets and an onyx ring. Soon he and his older brother, along with five friends, find themselves transported to the world of Paragon, where they face numerous obstacles. This is an account of deception and betrayal, mixed with courage and the bonds of friendship. Prepare yourself for an exciting adventure with an extraordinary ending. The second book in the series, Matt Monroe and The Haunted House, continues the story of these courage young teens.

Matt Monroe is just like every other fourteen year old boy: careless, ready for adventure, and brave enough to fight the good fight. When strange lights appear in town, all the town’s kids know something is up. Some suspects it’s aliens, others think it’s ghosts, everyone has their own theory.

But that’s not the only weird thing happening in town. A strange creature finds its way into Matt’s parents’ barn, and tries to steal a box that belonged to Matt’s great grandfather. When Matt touches the box, two tablets fall out.

He finds out his parents, along with several other dentists, are part of a secret society to save the world from an elf named Damien, who turned evil hundreds of years ago, and ever since wants to destroy the world. The prophecy says a chosen one will be picked, and he will be able to read the tablets. Unfortunately, that role falls on Matt.

Having to perform a leading role, with not his own life at stake, but that of many others, Matt travels to another dimension where he meets elves, tooth fairies and lots more.

The great part about this book was how it was inspired by dentists, and there was a fantasy world build around dentists, the tooth fairy, etc. That was an unique concept, and I really liked it. It surprised me.

Matt had an okay personality, but I actually liked his brother Josh more. The bond between the brothers was strong, and I like books with good sibling dynamics, so that’s another bonus.

The only downside to the book, is the large amount of characters, which means we get tons of characters who are one-dimensional, and who only seem to be thrown in to get to the number of seven to partake on the quest. They all play their part, sure, but we get to know little of their personality.


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