Book Excerpt from From Frights to Flaws


We’re hosting a snippet from “From Frights to Flaws”, a MG fantasy novel written by author Sunayna Prasad. Enjoy the snippet!

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“Let’s go inside,” said Alyssa. She opened the backdoor and stepped inside after Hailey. They walked down the hallway to the front area of the house—only for a strange voice with a French accent to say, “Bonjour, Mesdemoiselles.”

Turning to the kitchen, Alyssa and Hailey shrieked at the strange man. He stood only a few inches taller than her, despite his beach ball-sized belly. The top of his bald head shone, a tassel wild black hair surrounding it. A bushy mustache covered the area between his nose and upper lip. More importantly, he wore an evil smile, filled with yellow teeth.

“Hello!” called Uncle Bruce. “Who’s here?”

Everyone turned to him as he ran down the stairs. But the stranger held out his hand, making some sort of stick appear.

Somnum Harena!” he roared.

Orange sand swirled out of the stick, finding its way into Uncle Bruce’s eyes. He cried out in pain, falling onto the floor.

“Dad!” exclaimed Hailey.

“Silence!” shouted the man, pointing his stick at Hailey. “He won’t wake up for another twelve hours!”

But that stick was no stick—it had to be his wand. What else could release swirling sand? Nothing. So that man had to be none other than…

“B-Beau Duchamp?” Alyssa identified him, guessing.

“Yes, although I’d prefer ‘Master Beau,’ if you don’t mind.”

“Never mind, what did you do to my dad?” yelled Hailey.

“I put him to sleep,” said Master Beau.

The girls gasped.

“I meant that literally. I didn’t kill him.”

“Still—get out of here!” commanded Alyssa.

“No!” bellowed Master Beau. “There’s a reason I did all that stuff to harm you! I need you to have zero protections so that I can take you to the Fiji Islands as soon as possible!”

About From Frights to Flaws

FromFrightsToFlaws_SC-13-05-101Title: Alyssa McCarthy’s Magical Missions, Book 1, From Frights to Flaws

Author: Sunayna Prasad

Genre: MG Fantasy

Twelve-year-old Alyssa McCarthy can no longer stand the toughness of her uncle and wants a better life. But one day she discovers not only the existence of magic, but also a villain hunting her down. The villain uses magic and magical technology to kidnap Alyssa to the Fiji Islands. As much as she wants to go home, she has to face some dangerous challenges first. Not only that, the villain himself must also be defeated. Can Alyssa succeed, even with the help of her mentors?

 Author Bio

Sunayna Prasad has been writing stories for over thirteen years, starting at the age of six. Now nineteen, she will start her junior year of college this fall, and will study accessory design as well as continue to write for children. Aside from that, Sunayna also likes to cook, watch movies, and draw. She lives on Long Island, New York, with her family.


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