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I’m hosting an excerpt today from World War II Spy Thriller Catalyst. Catalyst will be touring from March 14th to April 14th. Unfortunately I don’t have time to review, but hey, at least I can host an excerpt meanwhile!

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“Top turret, I need some help back here!” Jacobs shouted. “My guns are jammed and that 190 on our six is about to have us for lunch.”

Perry tapped Tasker on the shoulder and pointed for him to get up into his gun mounts. Tasker nodded, then stood back into his turret but stopped cold. The Plexiglas surrounding the guns was shattered and smashed by several direct hits from the 109s that had just made the head on pass. He now realized that if he’d been at his station instead of helping Thomas with the fire, he would be dead.

“I-I can’t help, the turret’s out,” was all he could stammer.

“190 is coming in hard and fast at nine-o’clock!” Ramos shouted. “He’s going to fire at any second!”


“Negative, Captain, they’re both too high for me.”

“The Dora on our six is firing!” Jacobs shouted. Each man of the Red Light Lady came to the realization that they wouldn’t be going home this time. One by one they were relived the events of their all too short lives. They remembered being with friends, families, envisioning what their futures could have been. With no way to defend themselves, they knew they had minutes, to live.

About Catalyst

catalyst-front-300Title: Catalyst

Author: Paul Byers

Genre: World War II Spy Thriller

In the waning months of World War II, the allied armies advance upon the crumbling German war machine like a juggernaut. In a final desperate bid to save the Fatherland, a plan is conceived that could turn the tide of the war-the completion of an advanced jet-propelled bomber capable of delivering a deadly payload to the shores of America.

Captain Griff Avery of the OSS has just botched the defection of a prominent German physicist, a man crucial to the Nazi end game, letting him fall into the hands of the rogue SS General masterminding the plot. But Avery’s troubles have only just begun: overwhelming evidence points to the woman he loves as the German spy who foiled the defection.

Now under suspicion himself, Avery sifts through the lies and deceit, uncovering the treacherous German operation. Against orders and on the run, Avery is forced to wage a secret war of his own, recruiting the crew of a B-17 Flying Fortress and a reckless group of flyboys and their P-51 Mustangs to help him hunt down the secret SS cell and prevent the slaughter-no matter what the cost.

 Author Bio

PaulByers_RSC0029 (3)Paul grew up in Oregon on the shores of the mighty and mysterious Columbia River, and spent endless hours daydreaming on the beach in front of his house, making up stories about the ships from exotic ports all over the world that steamed up the river – what secret cargo might they be carrying; did they harbor spies who were on dark and exciting missions?

Later in adult life, he moved to another mysterious and provocative city – Las Vegas, just outside the famous Nellis Air Force base. After work he would sit on his porch and watch the fighters take off and land, igniting his imagination with visions of secret missions and rich speculation about what could possibly be hidden at Area 51.
After moving back to his native Pacific Northwest, Paul worked for the Navy and took every opportunity he could to speak with veterans from WWII to the Gulf War, listening to them swap stories and relate the experiences of a lifetime.

So it is this combination of a passionate love of history, a vivid “what if” imagination, and a philosophy of life that boils down to the belief that – there are few things in life that a bigger hammer won’t fix – that led Paul to become a writer of exciting, fact-based action-thrillers. His greatest joy is leaving his readers wondering where the facts end and the fiction begins.

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