Book Review ‘Not Another Wish’ by S.P. Wilcox

Not_Another_WishTitle: Not Another Wish

Author: S.P. Wilcox

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

“Grant, I have to go,” I told him.
“No, please talk to me, will you talk to me… tell me how you feel.”
I am dying right here on the patio.
“What do you want me to tell you, that all is forgiven and we can be together?”
“Is that an option?” he asked me. I laughed a little.
“It is going to take more than one phone call asking for me to forgive you for it to be an option,” I told him.

As Sydney decides to throw caution to the wind and begin another relationship with the man who has captured her heart. As their relationship strengthens and their fears and jealousy’s are explored, they become closer than they thought they could ever be even with the thousands of miles separating them.

When Sydney and Grant’s futures get in the way of them being together see the rocky road they lead and the changes in their lives that make their paths criss- cross. Sydney finishes her college career and begins life as a young adult. She becomes a strong independent woman and is reluctant to give up her heart to any man especially the one who keeps floating in and out of her life leaving her heart broken. Can Sydney live with all of her feelings for the only man she has every truly loved tucked away in a small box in her soul?
Is Grant her only true love or does someone else come along to show Sydney that she can love again? These questions and so much more can be found in the pages of “Not Another Wish”!

Not Another Wish is the sequel to Wishful Thinking. It’s adult contemporary romance. Whereas the main character, Sydney, was barely out of high school in the first novel, now she’s struggling her way through college and trying to balance career and life after she finishes college. If you enjoyed the first book, it’s worth giving this one a try.

I actually liked this book more. The main character is more mature, and she actually changes in this book, from the highschool girl she is at the end of Wishful Thinking, to a grown-up woman who can take responsibility and who’s aware of how life works. I liked that. She felt a lot more confident and mature.

But all these years, Sydney could never quite let go of Grant. He turns up unannounced, and the more she tries to stay away from him, the more he comes knocking on her door. Up to some point she’s aware the two of them won’t work, but her feelings are too strong to deny it.

This book felt much more like an actual ‘adult’ contemporary book. The first one had some steamy scenes, but here it’s a lot more: the characters are older, the themes are more mature, the setting has changed. I thought it was even more interesting to see them grow and change this time around.

I liked the romance between Grant and Sydney here, and how he gradually began threating her like more of an equal in their relationship. This book truly warmed my heart.


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